Villain Reborn Comeback

Villain Reborn Comeback Originally, I agreed with the system that after completing the plot, I could go home, but the system tricked me. The system asked me to do it again saying that the plot collapsed. I will die with the scammer system. I will never suffer like that again. Unfortunately, I did not die. Filled with rage, since you won’t let me die, I will humiliate those who humiliated me, hurt and torture them, and betray their anxious ones and make them pay the price. The protagonist is not humble, he is ruthless and will give everyone what they deserve. content chap 1 chap 2 chap 3 chap 4 chap 5 chap 7      chap 8 chapt 9 chap 10

5 Zhang Ziqin’S Past

Chapter 5 Zhang Ziqin’S Past “Throw this rotten meat to me and bury it in a remote place. Don’t let me hear any news that you bought her a tombstone.” As if there was no pain, Lu Li stood up straight after dressing up. out of the room. Only the couple looked at each other in dismay. “Old Lu, has my son been stimulated by something?” The mother looked at her husband worriedly. “Maybe, Lu Ya has gone a little too far this time, it’s just that her ambitions are revealed.” Lu Guofu nodded and glanced at his daughter, who had lost her life: “Find someone to throw it out, the follow-up confidentiality work Do it first.” My son is promising, which is a good thing. As for Lu Ya, she should die if she died. She had enjoyed the treatment of Miss Lu’s family for so many years, but she was not satisfied, so she deserved to die. Lu Li went directly to Lu Ya’s room and took out her computer. The so-called password was not worth mentioning in front of Lu Li. Good guy, this woman still uses the photos

4 Lu Ya: My Brother Can Be Saved Happily

Chapter 4 Lu Ya: My Brother Can Be Saved Happily “one……” “Put down the gun, I choose you, choose you, mother chooses you.” The mother’s psychological defense line completely collapsed. She didn’t know why her son suddenly had such a big change. But she knew that if she hesitated, she would lose her son forever, her own son. “We will kill Lu Ya, put down the gun!” Dad’s eyes flashed a little sharp, his tone was low. In any case, he could not accept the loss of his son. Lu Ya, after all, she’s just an adopted daughter. “Now, go get your weapons, I want to confirm the death of this bitch on the spot.” The tone was very cold, like a sage who transcended the world, and like the most terrifying evil ghost. “Little Li! What the ... happened to you?” boom! Another shot to his leg, Lu Li didn’t seem to feel any pain, and smiled at the two of them: “The next shot will only be aimed at my head.” “No, no, we’ll deal with it right away, we’ll deal with it right away.” The mother wanted to get close

3 Don’T Disgust Me, Sharpie

Chapter 3 Don’T Disgust Me, Sharpie The idea is beautiful, but when she hurried to the door of her brother’s room, she couldn’t wait to see her beloved brother, but heard a gunshot. Without any hesitation, Lu Ya broke in directly, but saw a pair of eyes that were immediately disgusted. My own brother, actually looking at me with such eyes! ! Even in the last life, the relationship between the two of them was almost incompatible, and the younger brother had never looked at her with such eyes! Lu Ya didn’t notice the muzzle aimed at her, and nervously stepped forward a few steps, she wanted to put the back of her hand on Lu Li’s face to see if he was beside him. That look… That look… It’s like looking at the most disgusting thing in the world again, how could it appear in the eyes of my brother looking at him. Must be his own delusion. “Xiao Li, what’s the matter with you? Are you sick? My sister will show you.” boom! “Ah!” Covering her shoulders in pain, Lu Ya looked at Lu Li in disbeli

2 The hero who was reborn, full of joy

Chapter 2 The hero who was reborn, full of joy System:”……” He knows, the host has become upset, as a system what can he do? His host was also a stranger. And… the host had already done a lot of things against his will, things that ordinary people could not bear… […Host, just say what you want, and I will satisfy you at any cost. ]It seemed that some sullen sounds had entered Lu Li’s ears. “Heh, I just want you to die.” What’s the point of pleasing him now, his mentality has collapsed. Dying with this Gu System was his greatest wish. […] There was a long silence. [Ding, it has been revealed that the system has entered a state of self-destruction, do you want to stop it? ] “Oh, are you playing tricks again? Go ahead, destroy everything for me, and don’t leave any scum.” Lu Li sneered. [Ding, the destruction instructions have been confirmed, the destruction continues, after the destruction is completed, the host will retain all current skills, the entire system will be reinitialized, and

1: Gu System, let us perish together

Chapter 1: Gu System, let us perish together “Gan, Gan, Gan, System Gu you want to play with this young master, right? Come on, this young master will die with you.” It was originally agreed that as long as I finished carrying out the nauseating plot, I could go home and leave this new world where blood was spilled everywhere. He wanted to get out of his evil identity. But in the end, the system said there was a problem, the plot went awry, and I had to do it again myself. He took out the gun in his drawer and pointed it directly at his head. For a long time, he had been controlled by the Gu System, but now, he didn’t want it anymore, so we were destroyed together! If you don’t let me live, we will die together. [Host – Calm down, calm down] The system shouted desperately. You underestimated the personality of the host. This is different from what the senior regimes said. Didn’t they all say that between the regime and the host, the regime is the uncle? “…” The gun pointed at his head