4 Lu Ya: My Brother Can Be Saved Happily

Chapter 4 Lu Ya: My Brother Can Be Saved Happily


“Put down the gun, I choose you, choose you, mother chooses you.” The mother’s psychological defense line completely collapsed. She didn’t know why her son suddenly had such a big change.

But she knew that if she hesitated, she would lose her son forever, her own son.

“We will kill Lu Ya, put down the gun!” Dad’s eyes flashed a little sharp, his tone was low.

In any case, he could not accept the loss of his son.

Lu Ya, after all, she’s just an adopted daughter.

“Now, go get your weapons, I want to confirm the death of this bitch on the spot.” The tone was very cold, like a sage who transcended the world, and like the most terrifying evil ghost.

“Little Li! What the ... happened to you?”


Another shot to his leg, Lu Li didn’t seem to feel any pain, and smiled at the two of them: “The next shot will only be aimed at my head.”

“No, no, we’ll deal with it right away, we’ll deal with it right away.” The mother wanted to get close but was nervous and worried that she would lose her son in the next second, and slapped her husband at a loss: “Go, go, you Do you want to see your son die in front of you?”

Lu Ya didn’t care what her parents said. She raised her head stiffly and stared blankly at Lu Li’s familiar face. Although he was smiling, he seemed to reveal endless sadness.

It seems that there is no love for this world anymore.

That indifference deeply hurt Lu Ya’s heart.

She understood, and her brother was born again.

His younger brother was the young master of the Lu family. He never needed his own compensation or protection. Only his own death would be the greatest comfort to him.

Tears of grief fell from the corners of his eyes. It turned out that before he knew it, had his brother disliked him to such an extent?

It’s all because of myself, it’s all because of myself!

There are still too many words to say, and too many regrets to make up. I have a chance to come back, but the best ending is to let my brother use his life to express the grievances in his heart.

He himself is dead.

Everything is reincarnation of cause and effect!

Since you want my life, take it!

I just want you to stop hating me.

The pale face showed a smile at this critical moment of life and death.


“I don’t like watching you laugh as if I killed you to make you happy.”

Feeling the severe pain on her face, Lu Ya knew that her face had been torn apart, and she knew what her brother needed.

No matter what, she is willing to do anything as long as it makes her brother happy.

“Please, Xiaoli… Master Lu Li, don’t do that, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I beg you.” The most humble gaze fell to her knees in front of Lu Li, Lu Ya hugged Lu Li Li’s thighs, if this could make her brother feel better, she would be happy.

“…” That’s right.

Lu Guofu also came back with his mother, and they looked at Lu Li as if they were making the final confirmation.

But Lu Li never looked up at them, admiring Lu Ya’s humiliating appearance. It turns out that the so-called heroine would be like this too!

It’s really good… scumbag!

He no longer cares about the opinions of others, even his own parents.

Thank you for everything this woman gave me in my past life.

It was she who made herself become so hard-hearted. I thank Lu Ya’s ancestors for the eighteenth generation!

Without hearing anything from Lu Li, Lu Dongfu finally knew Lu Li’s determination, let out a long breath, and raised his weapon with his wife at the same time.

I’m sorry, father, mother, I’m sorry Xiaoli…


“Hahahaha, I know, I know, what is the adopted daughter, what is the Miss Lu family, it is a dog raised by your Lu family, you are a family, what am I, why do I want to snatch the company, that is me Deserved.” He laughed morbidly.

She knew that this was what her brother wanted to see.

She is willing to pay everything if it makes her brother feel better.

Lu Guofu frowned, and the last hesitation was interrupted.


Sharp gunshots sounded, and Lu Ya was declared dead half an hour later after returning from the rebirth.

No accident, no suspended animation, just…death.

Lu Guofu let out a long sigh of relief, no matter what, she is a daughter raised by herself, even cats and dogs have developed feelings for so many years: “Okay, everything is done according to what you said, Xiaoli is still with you. Is there anything you need?”

Maybe adopting Lu Ya was a mistake at first, and now it even makes his own son feel bad about it.

“I want full control of the company, and I want all the power of the Lu family to obey me.”

“Yes!” Without any hesitation, Lu Guofu nodded.

He didn’t know why his son had suddenly changed so much, but he was happy to see this change.

It’s just a Lu Ya, if he dies, he will die!

“That’s fine.” He wouldn’t let one of those women count.

Seeing Lu Ya’s loss of vital signs, Lu Li seemed to be able to sense that the depression accumulated in his heart in the previous life had quietly dissipated a lot.

“Son, son, go to the hospital, your leg.” The mother wiped her tears and walked up, worriedly looking at the blood spilling from Lu Li’s leg, and said nervously.

“……I’ll be there.”

They made their choice, which is good.

Looking at his parents faintly, he can’t understand what they think in the plot. Is it fun to find an opponent for his son?

Not to mention that Lu Ya is still a white-eyed wolf.

Eat the Lu family’s, use the Lu family’s, and finally the ambition came up, I really felt that I was qualified to inherit the Lu family, and the co-protagonist killed her brother together.

Really a good wolf!

Also really good dog of the protagonist.

It’s sad to think about it. After living together for more than ten years, the Lu family has raised that Lu Ya for more than ten years, and they have also raised a grudge.

She felt that she was destined to inherit the Lu family.

Ha ha.

For this kind of thing, it is best to let her be solved collectively by the most trusted group of people.

The protagonist hasn’t appeared yet, but the killing intent can’t be blocked at all!

Before the big show, it’s okay to kill a nasty person to add to the fun!

In front of his parents, Lu Li directly treated the wound on his leg for himself. The Gou system gave him a whole body of power, but he couldn’t use it.

The skilled gesture left both of them stunned for a while.

Although they didn’t say it, they all acquiesced that Lu Li was a dude, but today’s Lu Li showed an appearance they had never seen before.


Everyone should have seen it. In fact, I really don’t understand why the villain can still maintain the same mentality as an outsider after being killed, insulted, and taken away by the closest person in the last life.

What I want to portray is the most normal reaction of a most normal person after encountering those things.


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