5 Zhang Ziqin’S Past

Chapter 5 Zhang Ziqin’S Past

“Throw this rotten meat to me and bury it in a remote place. Don’t let me hear any news that you bought her a tombstone.” As if there was no pain, Lu Li stood up straight after dressing up. out of the room.

Only the couple looked at each other in dismay.

“Old Lu, has my son been stimulated by something?” The mother looked at her husband worriedly.

“Maybe, Lu Ya has gone a little too far this time, it’s just that her ambitions are revealed.” Lu Guofu nodded and glanced at his daughter, who had lost her life: “Find someone to throw it out, the follow-up confidentiality work Do it first.”

My son is promising, which is a good thing.

As for Lu Ya, she should die if she died. She had enjoyed the treatment of Miss Lu’s family for so many years, but she was not satisfied, so she deserved to die.

Lu Li went directly to Lu Ya’s room and took out her computer. The so-called password was not worth mentioning in front of Lu Li.

Good guy, this woman still uses the photos of her and Lu Li when they were young as the background. Is this the last family relationship before the conscience is lost?

Ha ha!

Ma Liu has done a few operations, and since Lu Ya took over the company, she has done a good job.

She has placed her own people in various places in the company. Should it be said that she is the heroine of the original work, she is really an unfamiliar she-wolf!

Of course, these people can’t be used, and they must have contributed a lot in Lu Ya’s ‘enthronement ceremony’ in their previous lives.

Why! They are all enemies!

The kind that can be dealt with without being polite.


At this moment, in the splendid Zhang Family Manor, Zhang Ziqin, who was well-mannered, was full of anxiety. As the host, he looked around at the guests, but did not find the one he wanted to see inside.

She is Zhang Ziqin, she is reborn…

Back to the day that broke my heart.

In the last life, at this banquet hosted by the Zhang family, she did something that she regretted for the rest of her life.

She would never forget that it was at this banquet that she publicly humiliated Lu Li and the man she loved most under the provocation of Ye Chen.

The outside world has been rumored that she hates Lu Li, a licking dog, but the truth is just the opposite, she has never hated Lu Li.

She just… didn’t know how to deal with Lu Li’s deep love.

As the daughter of the Zhang family, she has her own goals to revive the Zhang family at all costs.

Lu Li never gave up on her pursuit again and again, how could she not be moved.

There are too many words to say, but they turn into the most hurtful words when they are on the lips. It seems that only in this way can I find comfort in my dark heart.

She cooperated with Ye Chen, on the one hand, because her business could go to a higher level after obtaining Ye Chen’s resources, and it has always been her wish to revive the Zhang family.

On the other hand, she also hopes that she can no longer rely on Lu Li to make her own way.

In those years, after she took over the Zhangjia Collective, she received too much financial assistance from Lu Li, and more than doubled the Zhangjia Group’s net assets in a very short period of time.

At that time, what I thought was that Lu Li would marry her after all. His things were no different from her own, but there were too many benefits of accepting Lu Li in those years. She also wanted to prove her strength. The kind of woman who relies on her man.

The other is to be favored and fearless.

She firmly believes in Lu Li’s feelings for herself, since he loves himself, he should believe in himself, and the cooperation between herself and Ye Chen is just cooperation.

She is very clear about this, the only person she likes is Lu Li.

Therefore, Zhang Ziqin is not worried about losing Lu Li because of this.

I didn’t even think about whether Lu Li could accept his cooperation with other men.

It was at this banquet that day, Ye Chen appeared and gave himself a price that he couldn’t refuse, while Lu Li, who was furious, made a big noise at the banquet.

His distrust made Zhang Ziqin feel humiliated for a while, why don’t you believe in yourself, the only person I love is you, why can’t you just cooperate with me.

In this mood, she made a decision that she regretted for the rest of her life.

Humiliated Lu Li in front of everyone.

When the glass of scarlet wine was poured on Lu Li’s face, Zhang Ziqin at that time only felt relieved. For a lover who didn’t trust him, it was right to do so.

Although Lu Li’s face was gloomy and terrifying at that time, she didn’t care too much.

I don’t even think I did wrong.

But since then, Zhang Ziqin suddenly realized that the distance between himself and Lu Li seems to be getting farther and farther, and he is no longer what he used to be.

The number of times I come to find myself is getting less and less.

At that time, Zhang Ziqin was only disappointed with Lu Li. Sure enough, no love will last forever. She never thought about whether she did something wrong.

Why can’t he understand himself, he and Ye Chen are just a cooperative relationship, and he is the only one he loves.

At that time, she didn’t know that love was a matter without a progress bar.

A man’s love will be very strong and domineering…and it will be exhausted in repeated disappointments. Love is limited. When you continue to consume it, love will be gone.

He faced each other with cold eyes again and again, coming and going, consuming all Lu Li’s feelings for him.

When she realized it was too late, Zhang Ziqin’s whole family was thinking about making the Zhao family bigger and stronger. As for Lu Li, it was enough to make it clear to him at that time.

She also naively thought that Lu Li was just playing a petty temper with herself and was jealous.

Also sad that fish Lu Li does not trust himself.

Until that day, the news of Lu Li’s death suddenly came, and she was completely dumbfounded. How could this happen? Although she was saddened by Lu Li’s distrust, he was also the man she loved.

Why all of a sudden…

At that moment, Zhang Ziqin suddenly remembered that Lu Li had not come to see her for too long, but she had been reluctant to believe it and subconsciously ignored it.

Zhang Ziqin panicked.

When she got there, Lu Li’s body went there so quietly, but there was no trace of life.

Bai Jing’s legs seemed to have lost their strength, and their knees slammed heavily on the ground, kneeling on the ground, wanting to shout, but couldn’t make any sound.

Zhang Ziqin beat his heart frantically, it seemed to be torn apart, it hurts!

It really hurts!

It turned out that nothing was important, she knew everything, but it was too late.

Why did things become like this.

At that moment, Zhang Ziqin didn’t know what was left in his mind. It was like a crashed computer with only a bunch of garbled characters.

It was really painful, and she kept beating her heart, but it was still so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

All her self-righteousness, all came to nothing at that moment, it was really just her self-righteousness.


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