2 The hero who was reborn, full of joy

Chapter 2 The hero who was reborn, full of joy


He knows, the host has become upset, as a system what can he do?

His host was also a stranger.

And… the host had already done a lot of things against his will, things that ordinary people could not bear…

[…Host, just say what you want, and I will satisfy you at any cost. ]It seemed that some sullen sounds had entered Lu Li’s ears.

“Heh, I just want you to die.” What’s the point of pleasing him now, his mentality has collapsed.

Dying with this Gu System was his greatest wish.


There was a long silence.

[Ding, it has been revealed that the system has entered a state of self-destruction, do you want to stop it? ]

“Oh, are you playing tricks again? Go ahead, destroy everything for me, and don’t leave any scum.” Lu Li sneered.

[Ding, the destruction instructions have been confirmed, the destruction continues, after the destruction is completed, the host will retain all current skills, the entire system will be reinitialized, and all current actions will be changed. ]The voice was mechanical, like a robot.


“Hehe, come on, come on, I want to see what tricks you can play.” Lu Li said sarcastically. He himself didn’t know how his facial expression had become so distorted now.

Somewhere between morbid delight and anger.

[System logout completed 100%. ]

[Goodbye Host, I’m sorry for everything in the past, I’m sorry for the hurt I caused you. ]

Really disappeared?

Shock flashed in Lu Li’s eyes. After the regime retracted its previous word, it no longer had any confidence in the regime. He instinctively thought the system was doing something else.

I did not expect…


“very good.”

“Pain? Sadness? Unhappiness?”

Absolutely not. This miserable regime is his biggest enemy. It always sends him to this accursed world and forces him to play the role of the villain, and then breaks its promise again and again.

This was the most disgusting thing Lu Li had ever seen.

He just hated that this Gu System wasn’t human, and he couldn’t see his miserable appearance before he died.

“Are you trying to get my attention with false feelings? Did you think I would be kind-hearted and then forgive you, hehe!” He sneered disdainfully, and was only too happy to delete the system.

[Ding, the evil system has successfully linked up with the host. ]

“Oh, did you decide to use that usual trick?” I thought it might bring something new, but it turned out to be the same thing all over again.

Lu Li slowly put the gun in his hand, calmed down a little, and the moment he put down his arm, time returned to normal.


The bullets exploded, loud echoes echoing through the bedroom.

A bullet suddenly appeared on the white wall.

“Do you want to give me silly programs like this again? Like if we put on a play and after the plot is over we can go home?” Lu Li joked.

[It is discovered that the host has completed system training and does not need to be trained again. This system is an evil system, not a plot completion system. ]

“Ha ha!”

Lu Li is too lazy to care about him. He was deceived once and will not be deceived again. Is this miserable regime trying to be cold and cruel to deceive me?

“So let me be direct, can I kill the hero now?”

[The host being the villain, it is natural for him to kill the hero, this is not in doubt. ]

Oh, the system did a good job.

Whether he was really dead or he was acting, Lu Li didn’t care.


The door of the room suddenly opened, and a surprisingly beautiful face full of worry entered the room. She obviously heard the sound of gunfire and ran over.

“Little Li, what happened, are you okay!”

Lu Li’s sister by name, Lu Ya, in her previous life, this woman held the title of young lady of the Lu family, and together with the protagonist, she humiliated Lu Li in public again and again!

“Don’t give me such a disgusted expression.” The gun was pointed at Lu Ya, this greedy, traitorous and despicable woman, the woman Lu Li hated the most besides the regime and the number one heroine.

Both in the plot and in a previous life, she and the protagonist worked against the family who raised her.

She joined the hero in humiliating Lu Li.

“Little me!?” Lu Ya suddenly looked at the younger brother in disbelief in her heart.

She was reborn, back to the present time, to the time when this younger brother of hers had not died, when everything had not yet happened.

In her last life, her ignorant sister repeatedly hurt her brother.

In her last life, this ungrateful sister repeatedly hurt her brother.

She felt sad when she saw him insulting himself as he followed Zhang Zichen, feeling that he had lost face to the Lu family, and looked at this younger brother in her heart with disdain.

But it was only after her brother’s death that she suddenly realized that she had fallen in love with him.

She did the same things that Zhang Zichen humiliated her brother in an attempt to attract his attention in a way that she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about.

Her brother was never an indifferent or corrupt person, he was taciturn, but whenever he spoke he was able to open up new horizons for her when she was trapped in a dilemma.

He is the real genius.

But he always refused to compete with her.

She was laughing to herself because she didn’t know that all along.

She always felt that she had wronged her brother because she was not his family’s real daughter.

If she wasn’t their real daughter, why should their parents be fair to her?

Why should she ask her parents to pour the water equally between her and her brother?

Should they do it because she grew up in the Lu family? Or is it because she cannot compete with her brother, who has exceptional abilities far superior to hers?

In this life she wants to atone for her previous life.

She was an ignorant sister, and she should protect her precious brother well in this life.

She wouldn’t let him suffer the slightest injustice this time.

She would never allow this woman, Zhang Ziqing, to hurt him.

Even if she and Zhang Zichen had worked together to kill Lin Tian in her previous life, she would never forget how that woman had humiliated her younger brother.


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