1: Gu System, let us perish together

Chapter 1: Gu System, let us perish together

“Gan, Gan, Gan, System Gu you want to play with this young master, right? Come on, this young master will die with you.”

It was originally agreed that as long as I finished carrying out the nauseating plot, I could go home and leave this new world where blood was spilled everywhere.

He wanted to get out of his evil identity.

But in the end, the system said there was a problem, the plot went awry, and I had to do it again myself.

He took out the gun in his drawer and pointed it directly at his head. For a long time, he had been controlled by the Gu System, but now, he didn’t want it anymore, so we were destroyed together!

If you don’t let me live, we will die together.

[Host – Calm down, calm down]

The system shouted desperately. You underestimated the personality of the host. This is different from what the senior regimes said. Didn’t they all say that between the regime and the host, the regime is the uncle?


The gun pointed at his head had not been lowered, and Lu Li was waiting for the system to be explained.

[The system guarantees that this is the last time. As long as the plot is completed, the system will immediately allow you to exit this world. ]

Lu Li lowered his head, his eyes filled with gloom: “Is that what you want to say, System Gu?”


“You’ve been forcing me to play the role of a villain for so many years, do you really think I’ll listen to your ridiculous explanation? Come on, let’s die together!” He believed that the system could give him any reason.

He didn’t expect to be fooled again. Do you really think that I, Lu Li, am an idiot?

“Die with me in this hellish world!” He pulled the trigger without hesitation.

[Unexpected host damage has been detected, emergency measures activated]

Time seemed to freeze at this moment, and the bullets that did not come out of the gun seemed to be stuck and could not get out. The wind also froze at this moment. Nothing moves.

It’s not that the bullet is stuck, but that time freezes at this moment.

[The system, you have no other choice, the system guarantees you, no matter what, I will definitely be able to return you to the original world after completing this plot. ]

System Gu said bitterly.

In his heart, he smiled sarcastically and said:

“You blocked me once, but are you sure you blocked me every time? Do you really think I’ll believe your bullshit?”

The weak trust between the person and the system has been broken. No matter what the Gu System said, Lu Li no longer had the need to believe in it.

“Do you really think I would allow myself to be publicly shamed and mocked over and over again by those women?”

“Or do you really think it’s cool that I can be publicly humiliated and killed in front of everyone?”

[…] It’s over, the host is upset, the experiences of previous generations of systems were not accurate!

“Leave me, you stopped me once, but you can’t stop me the second time, the third time, I have countless chances to beat you, system.”

The icy, biting words were filled with resentment, hatred for what he had experienced in his previous life.

For an ordinary person to be publicly humiliated, slapped in the face, and disdained on different occasions by these heroines on different occasions, he suffered a lot to bear all of this.

[…It’s really the last…] The regime still wants to struggle.

“I’ll say it again, let me go, you can’t stop me, so if you want me to become a dog, we’ll die together.” The body couldn’t move, but Lu Li’s eyes were filled with gloom and determination.

[Okay, okay, I don’t care about you, no matter what the host does, I don’t care, you can do whatever you want, even if the world turns upside down, it doesn’t matter. ]The system was full of incompetence.​

He knew if he did not give the host an answer today, he would truly perish with him.

What a terrible host!

This person I can’t be with, he’s completely crazy!

What was the feeling when you were overcome with hate and anger and lost your mind? Lu Li knew this very well. In his life, he was like the hero in a torture novel. There was always a group of people moving for no reason to disturb, hurt, and insult him.

Lu Li really didn’t like this feeling.

It is this Gu system, which he comforts again and again, saying that if you endure, you will have power and authority, and after returning to your own world, you will become a superior person.

But now he tells me I should do it again.

Lu Li only felt that an unknown flame rushed into his brain. Before, he had at least some hope, and only a small hope, but the system asked him to do it again.

Live that life again!

I’ve lost my last hope.

He was tricked by the Gu System.

It also completely shattered the trust between the two who were walking on thin ice.

“Okay, leave me alone!” He said coldly.

[Host, I will release the time and time ban on your arm, but everything else will still be blocked, just put your hand down and let the bullets fly somewhere else. ]


[…Host, put your arms down! ! ! ]

“Open the time, I ask you to open the time.”

[Host, the time constraint can only be broken if you put your arm aside! ]

“Hehe, you said you system bastard. Do you think I will listen to you? I will die with you today.”

“You can keep blocking and stopping time, but I want to see how long you can keep doing this.” Lu Li said with deep gloom in the depths.

[Host,…I know you’re angry, but I can’t do anything about it, these are the rules. ]

No matter how stupid the system was, it could be seen that the host decided to die with him, and he couldn’t last long in this state!

He panicked.

“Rules? Your rules cause me nothing but annoyance over and over again. I care a lot about your rules.”

“Let’s see who lasts. Will you stick with your rules?”


[Host, I can bring anything you want, please release the gun from your hand, the system has given you a lot of benefits over the years, hasn’t it? You can’t do this to me! ]

The system surrendered, helpless and frightened by the host’s doomed attitude.

“Heh, good, these things don’t even have a place to use, that’s not good.” Lu Li sneered, it was true that the system gave him a lot of benefits, but when had he used it once? It was just nonsense.


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